!!! UST Pro II v10.0.00 Released !!!

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!!! UST Pro II v10.0.00 Released !!!

Post by .::kabir::. on Wed Oct 21, 2009 11:56 pm

!!! UST Pro II v10.0.00 Released !!!
What's new:

-Added USB Port support for NEW AGERE series.
-Added AUTO USB detection for NEW AGERE series.
-Added support for 255 COM PORTS (1-255) , No more limit for 1-16
-Fixed M120 support.
-Added Full support for M2520
-Minor bugs on BRCM2133 detection has been fixed (S523x,etc..)
-Qualcomm MSL3 2009 calculate codes minor bugs has been fixed.
-Improved detection of qualcomm/softbank/Broadcom series
-Improved AGERE communication protocol
-Added detection of UST Pro 2 Lite box
-User interface updated.



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