htc rom tool: new software to deal with ROMs (NEW RELEASE 1.1.1)

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htc rom tool: new software to deal with ROMs (NEW RELEASE 1.1.1)

Post by .::kabir::. on Mon Nov 17, 2008 6:58 am

htc rom tool: new software to deal with ROMs (NEW RELEASE 1.1.1)

htc rom tool version 1.1.3
by Dark Simpson


This small application makes process of working with ROM's for some new HTC devices are bit more comfortable. htc rom tool will contain several instruments to deal with ROMs or it's parts.
Now, these instruments are implemented:

1. ROM builder. With this tool you can build a ROM (*.nbh) from a rom parts (*.nb) in a comfortable interface.
The built ROM is correctly signed (with my own cert), checked for errors and is ready to download into device. The device MUST be CERTIFICATE CHECKING unlocked for this (you need to use HACKED SPL for your device), or you will get an error while flashing (it is not fatal for your device I think, but keep attention on this fact!).
There is a possibility to add new devices to build ROM for by editing program's configuration file. This is described inside the "htcrt.ini" configuration file.

In the next versions these tools will be added:
- ROM extractor (to extract all *.nbh file or only a several needed parts from it)
- Splash tool (to deal with all kinds of ROM splash screens in a comfortable manner).
- ExtRom tool (to extract and rebuild "extended ROMs")
- System tool (to extract and rebuild an OS part and, maybe, to edit some contents inside unpacked system like initial registry and so on...)

Version history


There is a new, rewritten, fully customizable dynamic engine that allows to add support for almost any of new HTC devices
+ Updating devices list automatically through your internet connection
+ Checking of blocks file sizes to meet specified criteria for device
+ Possibility to pad smaller blocks with 0x00's to the specified size
+ Coloring of block with respect to it's status
+ New checks and configurable warnings to protect from user mistake when building
+ Saving and loading projects
+ Command line support
+ Other additions

You can see other infos in the about - information of the program.

PLEASE HELP TO IMPROVE DEVICES CONFIG FILE: If you have knowledge about internals of htc devices rom files you can help me to improve, test and check different configurations for htc devices or to add new devices into program. If you want to participate please contact me. Firstly, you can check and validate existing config file's entries for different devices. If you want to add new one - I need to know all identifiers and names of all blocks and the default sizes of different blocks (as in the original firmware) if this is applicable to prevent user mistake in future And of course if you want to cooperate with me you woud like to understand syntax of the htcrt devices config ini file

!!! Now I have a big lack of time, and I think that I will be able to start working on devices config file only with second half of January 2008 Now you can start to collect infos, make corrections and additions to config and to debug them without my participation...

- ! Fixed bug with filepaths with spaces in ROM builder
- Added user warning when flashin IPLs or SPL in ROM builder
- Added new devices

- The initial release


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